15 things you need to know about getting a PH passport


Despite what you may have been hearing, there have been a number of marked improvements in the application for passports in the Philippines. It still requires effort and patience, so we’ve put together this FAQ based on guidelines from the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA):

1. How do I apply for a passport?

Go to passport.gov.ph and read through the main page for information on the requirements as well as instructions on how to apply for your passport.

Once you’re ready, click on the “Schedule an Appointment” tab at the top of the page and follow the instructions.

2. What are the requirements for a new passport application?

To know more about Passport Application Requirements, click on the “Requirements” tab at the top of the website (passport.gov.ph).

* For New or Lost passport, click on Requirements->New Application.

* For Renewal of passport, click on Requirements->Passport Renewal.

3. What are the requirements for the Passport Online Appointment System?

* A working computer with internet access

* A Web Browser (Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari)

* A valid and working email address to receive system-generated messages

* A PDF reader and a working printer to view and print the system-generated application form in A4-size paper

4. Where do I apply for a passport?

Philippine citizens can choose to apply for passports in the Philippines from any of our regional consular offices, satellite offices located in selected malls, and at the Office of Consular Affairs in Parañaque City.

Depending on their place of legal residence abroad, Filipinos can approach the nearest Philippine Embassy or Consulate to file a passport application.

To display Consular Office information, click on Where to Apply header menu link, then choose the preferred Region, Country, and available Site (or Consular Office).

5. Where can I find the nearest DFA branch or Consular Office?

To display Consular Office information, click on Where to Apply header menu link, then choose the preferred Region, Country, and available Site (or Consular Office).

6. Why is my nearest branch not in the list?

Only DFA branches or Consular Offices that cater Online Appointment System are included the list.

Please check the system next time for updated list of Consular offices.

7. Are there exemptions to the appointment system?

No appointment is needed for the following:

a. Senior citizens with Senior Citizen ID

b. Persons with Disability (PWDs) with PWD ID or visible disability

c. Solo parent with valid Solo Parent ID

d. Pregnant women with medical certificate

e. Minors seven (7) years old and below

f. Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs), even those who are working abroad for the first time

Those qualified may walk into the Priority Lane at DFA Aseana or any DFA Satellite Office or Regional Consular Office.

8. What is the difference between individual and group appointment?

Individual appointment refers to a single applicant and a single slot reservation only.

For group appointment, applicants can range from a group of 2 to 5. Each will be assigned a different appointment code.

9. What if I don’t have an email address?

A valid and working email address is very important. You may subscribe to any free email service like Yahoo or Gmail. Just make sure that you have activated your email account prior to using the Online Appointment System.

10. What happens if I use a wrong or invalid email address?

If you used an incorrect email address, your reserved appointment will be cancelled after 5 days. You may re-apply again after system cancellation.

11. What happens if I did not receive email notification?

Depending on your email provider and configuration settings, the system-generated email may be incorrectly tagged as spam and delivered to your JUNK/SPAM folder. Check your spam folder for emails if no message appears in your Inbox after a considerable amount of time.

12. Can I change my appointment date or location/site?

You may change preferred date and schedule via Reschedule feature. Click on Schedule Appointment->View Appointment. Your Appointment Code and email address is needed in order to View or Reschedule your appointment.

13. What do I do if I forget my Appointment Code?

The system sends the Appointment Code via your valid and working email address. Please check your email again.

14. For how long is my passport valid?

Effective January 2, 2018, all approved applications of Filipinos 18 years old and above are valid for 10 years.

Minors (17 years old and below) will be issued five-year valid passports.

This is based on Republic Act No. 10928 or The Act Extending the Validity of Philippine Passports which was signed into law by President Rodrigo Duterte on August 2, 2017.

15. Does the 10-year passport cost more?

There will be no fee increase for booklets issued with 10-year and five-year validity. There are also no changes in design and number of pages.


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